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A Constant Question of Online Organizing

May 24th, 2010


A good friend approached me a few weeks ago to ask if I would contribute a question for a Climate One Connect panel discussion called “Youth Grabbing The Wheel: Speaking Up to Drive Down Carbon,” organized by Climate One at the Commonwealth Club.  The panel members, all student activists under the age of twenty, were presented with questions from various community organizers and activists. 

Heavy with questions and light on answers, I was more than willing to ask the question that has persistently arisen with my work organizing for The Wigg Party.  My question: How does an organization cut through the fog and white noise of various online social networks to effectively communicate with it’s participants and actually reach out to potential members? 

This question will continually arise and I ask patience and forgiveness from those » Read more: A Constant Question of Online Organizing

Green is Dead, and We Have Killed It

May 20th, 2010

It has been interesting to watch the great juggernaut known as Consumer Capitalism gobble up and commodify the terms that have been used to define the movement working to change our lifestyles to something more in line with the jarring reality of living in a closed system with finite resources (surprise!).

First it was “Green.” We all had to Go Green. A cute term, and sensible. Plants are green. Plants are good, right? Let’s be like plants. Plus, it had the added bonus of lending itself to include other things that happened to share the same hue. Kermit the Frog is green. Money is green. The old dichotomy between the health of our economy and the health of our planet and selves was instantly overcome. Green is good.

nobody move

Well, Green was good. Unfortunately, we can’t live in 2006 forever. First green was derided for its singular focus; how did issues like social justice and health fit into green? Obviously, green was the last color you would associate with health, so the marketing gurus put their heads together and came up with the new color of the movement… wait for it… BLUE! Beautiful! Everyone loves blue! Water is blue. The sky is blue. 73.4% of grade schoolers list their favorite color as blue! But blue did not catch, probably for a lot of reasons not least of which because it’s impossible to define such a foundational, holistic, far-reaching transformation of worldview and action in such reductionistic terms as one freaking color. If they wanted to use color to define the movement, I don’t know why they didn’t just go with the rainbow… oh, right. Nevermind.


But it wasn’t being too narrow that killed green. No, the death of green began » Read more: Green is Dead, and We Have Killed It

4th Wigg Party Party

May 17th, 2010

The fourth monthly Wigg Party Party went off last week, and while it was the quite possibly the most crisp and inspirational meeting to date, there is no doubt that the WPP was upstaged by the first official Wigg Party Late Night Chalk the Wiggle Extravaganza.

bikes + chalk + wigs + modelo = socioreverberation

While the glory certainly went to those intrepid Wigglers who braved the dark streets, oblivious drivers,  and curious after-hour pedestrians (one of whom stole the camera of Media Director Jenny Sherman!), the exhilarating chalk festivities would be entirely without meaning if it were not for the work being done on the daily by the Wigg Party. The reporting of this work formed the real substance of the evening, while the subsequent Party and Chalk Festivities served up more than enough sizzle to carry us through this next month.

Those who made it to the Sunshine Castle by 8:30 pm were treated to a multimedia update of the last month’s work – a slideshow of pictures from the Carrotmob » Read more: 4th Wigg Party Party

Getting Potlucky in the Panhandle

May 10th, 2010

Sunday lived up to its name after all. With all the food prepped, the tables, dishwashing bins, and solar oven secured, and the invitations sent out, our biggest concern in the hours leading up to the first Wigg Party Local Food Potluck in the Panhandle was whether Mother Nature was going to cooperate. Ever since the 10-day forecast came into play, it looked like Sunday was going to be borderline intolerable. Cold and rainy does not a good outdoor Potluck make. We even went as far as to make an announcement that the event was being moved to the friendly confines of the Sunshine Castle. But as the hours went by and the light rain of the early morning turned into tentative blue skies, we decided to brave it and take a shot at Panhandle glory. I mean, we’d already paid for the permit, right?

Sun + Local Food=Beauty

Long story short, we had a great time. Everyone brought REALLY delicious local food and it was sunny enough to (mostly) bake a sweet potato in our solar oven (special thanks to Chile Pies and Eatwell Farm for their generous contributions!). We all enjoyed lounging in the sun, meeting curious new neighbors, and I can guarantee a couple “regulars” in the Panhandle were grateful for the best meal they’d had in weeks.

Everybody put on your SPF 60

Faith hit us with a dose » Read more: Getting Potlucky in the Panhandle

Potluck in the Panhandle Sunday 1-4 pm

May 5th, 2010

pass it on


The Wigg Party invites you out to the Panhandle between Lyon and Central on May 9th from 1-4 pm to enjoy Local Food with friends and neighbors. 

We’re going to be dishing up a sampling of the Northern Californian spring bounty, and we’d like you to bring your own dish culled from the surrounding land or even your own backyard to add to the mix. 

As if the food and the company weren’t enough, enjoy home-grown live music while you learn how to make a solar oven (which we’ll raffle off at the end) and Chef Raja demonstrates how to make his world famous salad dressing. 

Please bring a blanket, your own eating and drinking technology (dishes), and a local food dish to share with others (complete with information about where the food is from!). If you are feeling trepidation about preparing a dish to share, we’ll be putting together an excursion to the Divisadero Farmers’ Market at 11 am. It’ll be a good chance to get your feet wet in a safe space. 

The Wigg Party will provide some food to share for everyone as well as a grill, a solar oven and a dishwashing station. You’d also be wise to remember your instruments, frisbees, Bocce balls, sunglasses, beautiful smiles and DON’T FORGET YOUR WIGS! 

P.S. In case it’s too cold and rainy for the Panhandle we will have the potluck at The Sunshine Castle – 1571 Fulton St. Check back here the day of for final venue details.

Revolution One Meal at a Time

May 3rd, 2010

Some Wigg Partiers and I had the immense pleasure of attending an amazing event this past Sunday – the inaugural Apothocurious Sidewalk Brunch. Apothocurious is a company that was started by our friend and fellow Wiggler Rose Johnson. She calls her product Community Supported Spreads (CSS) – twice a month Rose and her intern Brianna make delicious batches of hummus, pesto, salsa and a salad which they deliver around the city. All the ingredients are sourced from local, sustainable sources when possible and you can be sure they are made with lots of love.

The Scene

Besides being a great cook, Rose is a dynamite networker and overall woman about town. By consistently being unafraid to meet new people, pass out sandwiches to strangers, and just generally being down for whatever, Rose has managed to develop one of the most interesting groups of friends and colleagues in the city. So it was easy to clear the calendar for a Sunday brunch under the beautiful Inner Richmond sunshine.

With a logo this cool, you know the food is good

The event was a great success, partly because of the food (which was of course delicious) but mostly because there’s a tangible buzz growing around the sustainability movement in general and local food in particular. It seems impossible to attend a Sidewalk Brunch or an Underground Farmers’ Market and not detect a certain prescience » Read more: Revolution One Meal at a Time