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6th Wigg Party Party Recap

July 15th, 2010

The garage of the Sunshine Castle saw host to the 6th monthly Wigg Party Party last night. The event featured a presentation of our recommendations for the Wiggle section of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s Connecting the City campaign, a discussion of our upcoming Carrotmob event, and a surprise guest appearance by none other than Susan King of Livable City to get the Wigg Party jazzed about the upcoming Sunday Streets event on September 19th.

These people are missing their wigs

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July 11th, 2010

Bike Man Dan hipped us to a fascinating new bike. This bike, designed by 21 year old Kevin Scott, gives you the flexibility of a folding bike but without the diminished wheel or frame size.  It also provides a built in locking mechanism to secure both wheels and the frame.

The frame can be stiffened using a rachet system or easily lossened The photos do not fully demonstrate how the locking systems works, but to read more about the bike click here.