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Matching Half Matches All: What Can the Mob Muster Up?

October 22nd, 2010

Matching Half Cafe owners Lauren and Jason (Photograph by Michael Helquist [])

Live Music – Beer & Wine – Food &  Coffee – Prize Raffle – That Feel Good Feeling

Where can you get all of the above? Matching Half Café Tomorrow, that’s where.

Tomorrow afternoon from 3pm to 6pm, environmentally consciousness community members just like you are going to swarm the lovely Matching Half Café at McAllister and Baker.  Why are we going to mob this local café with as much business as we can muster?

We are the carrotmob – rewarding with the carrot, not disciplining with the stick. Matching Half has committed to match every dollar of profit that we can generate so that 200% of the profits from tomorrow’s three hour event will go directly to eco-friendly and energy-saving changes for the business.

The first purchase will be a bike trailer (a Burley Travoy to be precise) so that the owner’s of Matching Half Café (Jason and Lauren) can make local food and other deliveries by bike instead of by car.  If the carrotmob can raise enough money, the business will implement other changes as well.  They will buy large food storage containers to cut down on packaging wastes.  They will also do a trial run of organic milk for their lattes.

All of this is only possible if you come out and support Matching Half Café in making these important changes to how they operate their business. The power is in the mob. Let’s mobilize.

Get Your Carrotmob On!

October 21st, 2010

Coffee and Carrots: Get 'Em While They're Hot

You know where to be.  You know what’s going down.

Now is the time to tell everyone that you know!

Free raffle entry for anyone that makes a purchase between 3pm and 6pm!

Wigg Party Party Thursday Night 10/14

October 14th, 2010

Hey Cats and Kiddos,

Just a quick reminder that the Wigg Party Party is this Thursday night at 7:30 pm. What is this, our 9th?? I can smell that one-year anniversary bonanza brewing…

a more magical meeting place, there never was...

This installment is shaping up to be as amazing as ever, probably more. We’re going to be recapping our HUGE month, from PARK(ing) Day to the Self-Preservation Series to 10/10/10 to Sunday Streets (we’d recap the after-party but it’s all a little fuzzy to us… something about bubbles and bike racks, found and lost). After the whirlwind recap, we’re going to preview the upcoming and extremely exciting Carrotmob event going down at Matching Half Cafe on October 23rd from 3-6 pm (Clint is going to instruct everyone on what do with your hands when you’re on camera, cause PBS is going to be there filming), and we’re also going to hear about all the developments going down with the Wiggle Transformers, include the organizational debut of City Repair SF!

Once we’re done with all that boring stuff, we’ll toast to ourselves and get to know the amazing people behind the wigs. As always, we’ll cap the night off by getting out on the Wiggle and writing inspiring messages for all you beautiful people to enjoy until the cars ruin everything again.

So come on out! You know you’ve been wanting to… If you’ve been hearing about this crazy group of revolutionaries and want to find out what we’re all about, there is no better opportunity. Plus you get to meet a bunch of really awesome people and participate in some mild civil disobedience. What’s not to like?