Menus from Urban Eating League Round 2

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Here’s 4 out of the 5 menus from the Urban Eating League on Sunday for your imaginary culinary pleasure. Enjoy!

Faith, Geoff, and Lindsey’s “Homebrew” Dinner (Hotel Zorba):
1. Skewers of deep-fried sweet potato and apple with a leek walnut cream dressing.  Paired with homebrewed kombucha.

2. Stew and a Biscuit – Dried fava and cranberry bean stew (with fennel, celery, onion, leek, and soup stock made from the Divis Market juice booth scraps! garnished with fresh fava puree) with a quinoa flour cornbread slider, stuffed with roasted leeks and fennel.  Served with a “mimocha,” a mimosa of kombucha and fresh mandarin juice.

3. Birds Nest Salad – a nest of pea shoots, beet green chiffonade, and home-sprouted alfalfa, topped with mandarin slices, sunflower seeds,  and a quail egg.  Served with a beet juice cocktail.

4. Beer Tasting with Bar Snacks – a course highlighting two of our homebrews, a hefeweizen and a cinnamon porter.  Paired with a snack plate: salty kale chips, spicy gourmet popcorn, sweet roasted mixed nuts, and home-pickled radishes and carrots.

5. Shepherd’s Pie – potato crust, mushroom filling with four kinds of mushrooms (foraged black trumpet, king trumpet, shiitake and cremini).  Topped with homemade goat ricotta.  Served with a roasted apple chutney (apple, walnut, pistachio, ginger, leek, fennel).  Paired with a tasting of the cinnamon porter and hefeweizen.

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen:

Amuse Bouche (served to all diners in all rounds): Rosemary crackers, Bella Carpa chevre, homemade fig compote and homemade apple bourbon compote.

Butternut squash, shallot and parmesan ravioli with a sage brown butter sauce and pasta crane.

Quinoa flour crepes with a spicy roasted butternut squash, potato, carrot, onion and herb puree.

Cold beet salad with pickled red onions, fennel root, corriander-roasted almonds, Marin Cheese Company Feta, and blood oranges.

Flatbread with kale, preserved lemon peel, Vella Dry Jack Cheese and garlic.

Duo of pizzas:
Rouge et noir brie pizza with pink lady apples and rosemary.
Potato, thyme, beet greens, garlic, Sierra Nevada Jack Cheese pizza with an egg.

House of Love:

African sweet potato groundnut stew over basmati rice

sweet potato*, tomato*, crunchy peanut butter*, carrots*

Organic red quinoa with granny smith butternut squash curry

squash*, carrot*, leeks*, ginger*, granny smith apple*

“ Roots raw ” beet salad with chevre, served on beet greens

raw red and golden beets*, carrots*, ginger*, fuji apples*

Raw California kale slaw with tomatillo-avocado dressing, served with Indian bruschetta and fresh avocado

kale*, baby bok choi*, carrots*, spring onion*

pan-roasted tomatillos*, avocado, cilantro*, chili, lime*

olive bread crouton with Indian tomato chutney and chevre

“South” Indian grilled cheese sandwich with fuji apples

grilled challah and wheat bread, white cheddar, chevre, fuji apples*

slow-cooked tomatoes*, fresh curry leaves, spices


Three Ten Tower of Taste

First Round: Sage butter sweet potato mash on a sage butter toasted crostini, filled with a dollop of goat cheese, drizzled with a beet balsamic reduction and topped with toasted pecans and a toasted sage leaf

Amuse Bouche (served to guests as they entered, except for the first round): A spoon with a dollop of the sweet potato mash, beet balsamic reduction, goat cheese, toasted pecan, and a bit of butter fried sage leaf

Second Round: Quinoa mushroom arugula patty topped with caramelized onion, goat cheese, and sauteed swiss chard

Third Round: Beet towers with chive goat cheese layered between purple and golden beets on top of a bed salad greens sprinkled with maple caramelized pecans, apple & radish slivers and an apple balsamic tahini vinaigrette

Fourth Round: Kale & Swiss chard saag (cottage cheese, coconut milk, spices…) on a toasted pita round

Fifth Round: Apple fava bean falafel in a pita bowl with an apple, cabbage, carrot slaw, garlic feta herb tzatziki, lemon tahini sauce, and a side salad from round 3


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