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A Very Wiggle Weekend

March 27th, 2012

We just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that we have the Wiggliest Weekend we’ve had in a while coming up this Saturday and Sunday!

This is what we want

First up is the very important 4th public feedback meeting for the Fell and Oak Separated Bikeways. The project has come a long way in the last year and we’re excited to finally see some proposed designs! Unfortunately there is an increasingly vocal minority of folks who are opposed to this incredibly needed improvement. Despite the huge outpouring of support from the majority of the community over the entire last year, the MTA and Mayor Lee are listening to the small-picture opposition who can’t get past the idea that 80 parking spots will be subtracted from the 440,000+ around the city to make room for 1 single safe bike lane from the east side of town to the west.

Please come out to the San Francisco Day School this Saturday 3/31 any time from 10 am – 2 pm to show your support for this project! You can find more information here.

Appropriately enough, on the heels of this landmark day for bike improvements for the Wiggle, we at the Wigg Party are producing our first (of many) Wiggle Appreciation Day! We’ll be creating a PARK(ing) Day style set-up on Haight St. in front of P-Kok and the Eden on Haight spa located in the back. We’ll have some couches to hang out on, some designs for improvements to the Wiggle to show off, some tea and other refreshments, some music, and some surveys to fill out too. We’ll also be offering free massage and free access to the sauna located in Eden on Haight!

PARK(ing) Day!

If this weren’t enough, we’ll also be doing some fun things up and down the Wiggle. We’ll be doing some pothole gardening to turn dastardly holes into bright green happiness; we’ll be spreading some love throughout the Wiggle by installing the Aqui Love project with hearts strung over wires in multiple locations along the Wiggle; and we’ll have our chalkboard signs out to show our appreciation to YOU, the Wiggle rider (and walker (and skateboarder)).

So if you are riding your bike on the Wiggle on Sunday, or just want to come out to enjoy the fun, stop by our spot on Haight St and say hello. Sunday is the day to let your Wiggle love shine through! You can find more information here.

Rain will postpone :(

Hope to see you during this Very Wiggle Weekend!

Wigglers Unite!

March 22nd, 2012

How do you build intentional community in an urban space? How do you organize around a (really large) neighborhood? How do you teach sustainability in a way that honors and thrives on diversity? How do you build an organization that’s both fiscally healthy and fiercely grassroots? Well, we’re figuring that out and learning as we go.

We know it helps to start with strong principles, a fun name, awesome parties, and a healthy dose of irreverence. But it’s also essential to have an effective process in place for making decisions, as well as great people participating in that process and co-creating the organization from the ground up. That vibrant core driving the Wigg Party forward is the Crankset.

The Crankset meets twice a month to discuss Wigg Party projects, infrastructure, administration, and whatever else needs doing. In short: we translate raw people power into organized motion. And you’re invited!

Crankset Meetings
1st & 3rd Thursdays
6:30 arrival, 7:00 start
Sunshine Castle, 1571 Fulton St @ Lyon

Love the Wigg Party and want to get more involved? Totally dork out over organizational development? Looking for the perfect way to spend every other Thursday evening? Join us! Meetings are potluck, and the food’s usually pretty damn good.