A Very Wiggle Weekend

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We just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that we have the Wiggliest Weekend we’ve had in a while coming up this Saturday and Sunday!

This is what we want

First up is the very important 4th public feedback meeting for the Fell and Oak Separated Bikeways. The project has come a long way in the last year and we’re excited to finally see some proposed designs! Unfortunately there is an increasingly vocal minority of folks who are opposed to this incredibly needed improvement. Despite the huge outpouring of support from the majority of the community over the entire last year, the MTA and Mayor Lee are listening to the small-picture opposition who can’t get past the idea that 80 parking spots will be subtracted from the 440,000+ around the city to make room for 1 single safe bike lane from the east side of town to the west.

Please come out to the San Francisco Day School this Saturday 3/31 any time from 10 am – 2 pm to show your support for this project! You can find more information here.

Appropriately enough, on the heels of this landmark day for bike improvements for the Wiggle, we at the Wigg Party are producing our first (of many) Wiggle Appreciation Day! We’ll be creating a PARK(ing) Day style set-up on Haight St. in front of P-Kok and the Eden on Haight spa located in the back. We’ll have some couches to hang out on, some designs for improvements to the Wiggle to show off, some tea and other refreshments, some music, and some surveys to fill out too. We’ll also be offering free massage and free access to the sauna located in Eden on Haight!

PARK(ing) Day!

If this weren’t enough, we’ll also be doing some fun things up and down the Wiggle. We’ll be doing some pothole gardening to turn dastardly holes into bright green happiness; we’ll be spreading some love throughout the Wiggle by installing the Aqui Love project with hearts strung over wires in multiple locations along the Wiggle; and we’ll have our chalkboard signs out to show our appreciation to YOU, the Wiggle rider (and walker (and skateboarder)).

So if you are riding your bike on the Wiggle on Sunday, or just want to come out to enjoy the fun, stop by our spot on Haight St and say hello. Sunday is the day to let your Wiggle love shine through! You can find more information here.

Rain will postpone :(

Hope to see you during this Very Wiggle Weekend!



  1. Dear Mayor Lee & Sups,

    Fell Street is absolutely 100% a lethal place for pedestrians, runners, and bikers, dogs. I am outraged.

    There is blood on the pavement in my hood!!!

    I have been a proud resident of the Western Addition for the past 6 years, yet always been horrified by the senseless car traffic/pollution in this area – and priority given to car-drivers.

    I live on Divisadero St. near Fulton St. and near Fell. I am a 5-time marathon runner, bike commuter, local runner, walker, shopper, motorcyclist, dancer, and daily walker. For 3 years, I use to work for Tides, a local progressive organization. I was a 2-time AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer. I intend to make my community a safer, more liveable place for the local residents. I am disgusted, and outraged that my streets are not safer for the folks who use the streets for the GREATer-good, GREENER, HEALTHY activities. Activities other than driving and parking a car.

    Delaying this project is unacceptable, and irresponsible of your administration.

    I refuse to accept that YOU prioritizing cars over the well-being of the people. Why are you making the ROADS AVAILABLE for people who drive and park cars? Gross! How polluting!! How elitist!!! I urge you to add separated bikeways on Fell and Oak Street between Scott and Baker Street ASAP!

    Here are the top 10 reasons why it is important for your administration to act NOW, in favor of this street re-design for improved safety, and better communal living in this vicinity:

    1. Clean air is essential to life. People, dogs and birds live here — & breathe air here.
    You need to help protect it, or we will be a SMOG-city, AND fog-city. We need to start valuing the clean air we have, and not take it for granted.

    People driving thru in their cars, are insulated by the air-inside of their car, they don’t breathe their own exhaust. We do. Clean air is essential to everybody’s well being. We want to go to the parks, by foot. Using our own 2 feet, without the air pollution of these cars. We should I have to be subjected to respirtory issues because of other people choose a dirty lifestyle?

    2. My hood is NOT a highway! There is a severe lack of visual-street “signs” which tell/illustrate that this is a residential environment. Correct this negligence.
    Every day, drivers pass by as if they are still on Route 101 (text behind the wheel and exceed the speed-limit).

    In fact, they are driving in a residential neighborhood, a shared space where they should be considerate of other moving, living objects. Fix the street design immediately, so the drivers can readily identify, immediately understand that the area NOT just for fast car traffic.

    You should empower the car drivers to become MORE aware that they need to be paying attention to this local environment. It is hazardous to NOT provide proper road cues. Drivers rely on signs, and spatial symbols as messages – to help them navigate a situation best. The street is giving drivers a confusing, misleading message at Fell/Oak! Your street tactics are violating civil liberties of bikers, runners, and walkers! Has the City been sued for negligence, incompetency for causing these AVOIDABLE fatalities? It is up to the MTA to inform the drivers about the environment, and visible, intuitive, easy “to get” way.

    3. It is visually-denigrating to the area to see rows of people’s (personal) parked cars. eliminating the cars would decrease the noise pollution too! This is a beautification project.

    Noise-wise we need less car alarms, and honking in my hood.

    This is for sure a greening effort as well. My neighbors, and I, love to linger in the newly architected parklets. Wow! what a great respite from the effects of all the cars. on the “walk index”, these parklets and local businesses make my neighbor is awesome, and super convenient for food shopping, and doing laundry at the laundrymat. Still, the dominating pretense of cars does ruin this wonderful feeling.

    It is a repulsive eye sore, to see 10 x 7 space , taken up by a piece of machinery that has the capacity to sit 8+ people, but most likely usually typically only serves the interest of a single passenger. YOu wonder why Cuba hates our wasteful, institutionalized ways? In Cuba Havana, if people have a car that works, they will pick up others on the street and maximize the use of their hard-working powerful vehicle. They understand the price of using it, and help one another.

    Why are you prioritizing presence of a parking lot for a few, over the sake of a decent living condition of many?

    4. This public space needs to be made more readily available, assessable to people who treat it with the most kindness — the low-impact users.

    The non-polluters deserve to be rewarded, in this small way. Please support the low-impact users/people of the community. Do NOT reward/incentivize the high-impact, polluters of the streets.

    Stop being bias. This favoritism towards the car-people must end. it is greedy to give this $$ real estate to polluting cars.

    How pathetic to watch people circle for space here. It is a choice, not a right to drive a car. I hope they circle forever. May they never find a space in my hood. Ever. Drive away. It is unjust to give personal car owners entitled sense of ownership over the road, and use of the roadways. This mentality needs to stop.

    5. It is a case of elitism!

    It is time to start prioritizing a lasting solution, which benefits the people who need your help the most. The under privileged poor low-income people, not the privileged.

    The people who go to work by bike, because it is unaffordable, if not impossible, to own a car.

    Having a car is elitist. The have NOTs, are marginalized even more, if they must get out of the way of “car people”. People living under the pvoerty line, even the middle-class, can NOT economically afford the cost of owning a car, and now they are being deprived of the streets they TOO need to live. It’s ethically wrong. The costs/CONS of owning a car are too high, in my opinion, for this generation. And the next. And the next. And the next.

    The cost of not changing the street for bikers is NOT a long-term solution. This is a deathtrap intersection. is NOT viable way of life. We need to have a safe path for families who are trying to make ends meet, and have NO alternative mode of transportation FREELY, at any time of day. Buying a MUNI monthly pass is expensive monthly expenditure. $4 bucks RT. It costs nothing to use your bike, at max a lifetime investment of $200. Plus riding a bike is a nice workout.

    Why are you favoring the ones who chose an unsustainable way? It’s elitist, not communal.. And endangerment. furthermore, this neighbor has many foreign born people, who may NOT be aware of american road rules, how will they learn to use the roads properly, or know which way to look first? these sometimes instinctual, learned decisions, should NOT risk a person’s life. for ex. in australia, they ride on the other sid eof the street. Give us a better street design

    Keeping the cars as the central purpose of the Fell/Oak area is a matter of systematically, and deliberately contributing to social-economic poverty!

    furthermore, in case you have not paid attention to the international news within the past decade, the US is killing millions of innocent people in the middle east for fuel. Is this really the correct resolution? Is it “safer” to kill families, and women and children abroad, and destroy other people’s countries, the right way to proceed, solution for all of us, Americans? Are you telling me I need to support an industry which hurts others, for their own profit? Profit off of death.

    6. Having a SEPARATE BIKEWAY WOULD encourage me and my 5-year old neighbor to congregate more, bike more, and to do errands by bike more frequently, day and night.

    I walk. I congregate. I shop. I bike. I crutch*. I run…. there are nursing homes here. There is a day care. There use to be a community center across the street. There are churches. There are parks. We need the community to encourage use of these hallmarks, by making these crucial areas/services more easily accessible to all. Weather a person is walking to get a coffee, or riding a bike to pick up a pizza, or running to the park. No body should be intimated by the street, and have an unsettling fear that they may be threatened by a car-user. Why must a resident own a car, pay for car insurance, find a parking space, in order to get around, and conduct these basic activities? The barrier for many is not the act of riding. It’s the fear that they will be hit by a car, which prevents them from riding.

    Today, Fell St is NOT safe for anyone unless they are in a car, or use a car. or wear a helmet on the side-walk. how can a city claim to be doing their job when the people walking or biking with their own 2 basic feet, on the street have to be the ones who are the most careful. they are the ones most prone to endangerment, and harm.

    7. This is too real: how many more tragedies will it take to convince you that the street design here is causing people to fear for their life? What total dead body count?

    Collisions happen way too frequently in this area, because there are victims to this ill-conceived street design. A street designed, with the exclusive interest of car-users in mind. How many times do you need an ambulance to show up in this location, before SFs balance the use of the roads, and controls the car-caused accidents? How many bikers/runners/walkers MUST end up in the hospital? or in a morgue before you will act, and make it a more equitable fair-use of space?

    Why should the people who regularly use the street-fare here, fear for their life, because the cars have been granted the MAIN/PRIMARY right of way on the roads? Why do the people who drive thru (in transit), in a car, have MORE rights to this space, than me? I am a local resident who does NOT own a car. I DEMAND to have at least equal rights to the roadways, and street space.The Fell street design should dissuade such behavior, and prevent people from being killed or critically injured by car drivers.

    YOU can expect more tragedies to occur, unless you fix the OBVIOUS root cause of the problem.

    8. Observing accidents, and hearing collisions as an eye witness is heart-wrentching

    It is a scary nightmare to even stand at the intersections of some of Fell & Divis and Oak cross-sections, and watch the cars go by. See near miss accidents, or watch the unfortunate accidents transpire. It makes me extremely uncomfortable to walk, run and bike, and motor near Fell due to the high-volume, fast, thick CAR traffic, and lack of respect the drivers have for this Western Addition area. Having a bike lane would MAKE me FEEL SAFEr AND more CONFIDENT. Fell/Oak needs to be made safer for walkers, motorcyclists, and bikers immediately.

    9. Honor those who have already been hurt by this preventable situation . Correct these civil-planning mistakes, with a thoughtful, dedicated bike-lane construction
    In Nov 2011, a wreak less car driver hit me in SF, on Fulton, within just 10 miles of my home. I am lucky to be alive, was in the hospital for 2 wks with 2 broken legs. Now I have a metal rod in my right leg.

    A few years back I was nauseous to my stomach, by the site of fresh cut-flowers, and cards at the corner of Broderick/Fell. A young girl, running to GGP was killed, because she was hit by a car!. The corner became a mini-tree graveyard. She was NOT hit by a biker. NOT killed and hit by a pedestrian. She was hit by a “Death Monster” on Fell! How many other people get killed every day by a car driver, SF? Please share your stats, and reveal the aggregated view, so we can gain a better sense for the SF cultural-attitude towards this perverted street set-up.

    A few years ago a biker tourist was hit by a drunk driver, and killed on Masonic, not far from Fell/Oak.

    I love it when I see the tourists sight-seeing, zooming around the city by bike with their little map on the bars. They ride all day and really go all over the place (maybe because the map is out of scale, so they think everything is slightly more compact than it really is? or then again, maybe they know a place could only be 7 miles away at worse?

    Let this bike lane be a testament and tribute to those who have their blood-stains on the streets. Having COMFORTABLE BIKEWAYS (LIKE THE GREEN SEPARATED BIKE LANES ON MARKET STREET) would mean that we commemorate the people who were trying to enjoy these areas and tread-lightly. These resourceful, forward-thinking, healthy athletes, and bike enthusiasts who really risked their life to ride deserve to be remembered.

    We must give the kids a safer, more fun way to get around this small city. Make this area especially more parent-friendly. I have seen father’s and mothers ride with their children on their bikes in this area, to enjoy spending time in the Golden Gate Park and Alamo Sq Park, and visit the Divis Farmer’s Market. How nice?!. It brings a smile to my face every time I see a family riding, at a leisurely pace, and clearly enjoying themselves, and the surroundings here. Make it easier/quicker/cheaper for them to run short, errands by bike!

    10. SF is not world class city until it plans properly for the people, not the cars.
    it is common sense. I am sick of car owners scape-goating their guilt, and self-loathing, and traffic woes onto the bikers. Psychologically and energetically it is exhausting, destructive, and immoral to perpetuate this tension. We need to be smarter, and plan better today. shame on SF! it is pathetic to call SF a progressive city
    no bike lane on the bridge? Netherlands, London, pride themselves on creating a thoroughfare for the masses, and simple everyday use which just makes plain sense. it is evident, that their motorists aren’t offended by the private way for pedestrians, and bikers.

    The roads need to be planned in such a way that they are safe for dogs, kids, and bikers. and be made MORE GREEN, healthier, more economical, in some cases faster way to travel, for everyone.

    Take away this pollution! Remove this unstable way of citylife. Fix this deathtrap.

    Do the right thing, It’s feasible, within reach. The implementation of the Oak Fell Plan needs to be expedited. no MORE Delays.

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