Wigglers Unite!

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How do you build intentional community in an urban space? How do you organize around a (really large) neighborhood? How do you teach sustainability in a way that honors and thrives on diversity? How do you build an organization that’s both fiscally healthy and fiercely grassroots? Well, we’re figuring that out and learning as we go.

We know it helps to start with strong principles, a fun name, awesome parties, and a healthy dose of irreverence. But it’s also essential to have an effective process in place for making decisions, as well as great people participating in that process and co-creating the organization from the ground up. That vibrant core driving the Wigg Party forward is the Crankset.

The Crankset meets twice a month to discuss Wigg Party projects, infrastructure, administration, and whatever else needs doing. In short: we translate raw people power into organized motion. And you’re invited!

Crankset Meetings
1st & 3rd Thursdays
6:30 arrival, 7:00 start
Sunshine Castle, 1571 Fulton St @ Lyon

Love the Wigg Party and want to get more involved? Totally dork out over organizational development? Looking for the perfect way to spend every other Thursday evening? Join us! Meetings are potluck, and the food’s usually pretty damn good.


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