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Wigg Party Endorsement for Supervisor

September 18th, 2012
The Wigg Party recently hosted a debate for all eight of the candidates for the office of District 5 Supervisor. We wanted to hear directly from the candidates on a range of issues, from bikes to public space to gentrification, and following the debate we are now ready to make our endorsements.

Before we get into the details of who we endorse and why, we would just like to acknowledge all of the candidates for a high-spirited evening and a generally positive attitude throughout the campaign so far. Quite frankly, the biggest thing that came out of our debate is that each candidate seems like a quality human being who generally has a good grasp of the concerns of the district. We hope this overall quality of the candidates continues through the November 6th election (and beyond for whomever is fortunate enough to win).

As you probably know we have Ranked Choice Voting here in the great city of San Francisco, which means we get three choices. For a complete explanation of how RCV works, visit this site.

So we’re just going to come out and name our endorsements and then explain a little bit about why we are supporting these particular candidates over others.

1. Julian Davis
2. Thea Selby
3. Andrew Resignato

The two primary reasons why we are supporting these three candidates are 1) that each of these candidates fully understands and supports the community-based approach that the Wigg Party employs as we try to transform our neighborhood in the face of the various planetary crises and 2) each of these » Read more: Wigg Party Endorsement for Supervisor