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The Wigg Party recently hosted a debate for all eight of the candidates for the office of District 5 Supervisor. We wanted to hear directly from the candidates on a range of issues, from bikes to public space to gentrification, and following the debate we are now ready to make our endorsements.

Before we get into the details of who we endorse and why, we would just like to acknowledge all of the candidates for a high-spirited evening and a generally positive attitude throughout the campaign so far. Quite frankly, the biggest thing that came out of our debate is that each candidate seems like a quality human being who generally has a good grasp of the concerns of the district. We hope this overall quality of the candidates continues through the November 6th election (and beyond for whomever is fortunate enough to win).

As you probably know we have Ranked Choice Voting here in the great city of San Francisco, which means we get three choices. For a complete explanation of how RCV works, visit this site.

So we’re just going to come out and name our endorsements and then explain a little bit about why we are supporting these particular candidates over others.

1. Julian Davis
2. Thea Selby
3. Andrew Resignato

The two primary reasons why we are supporting these three candidates are 1) that each of these candidates fully understands and supports the community-based approach that the Wigg Party employs as we try to transform our neighborhood in the face of the various planetary crises and 2) each of these candidates can be trusted to represent the Wigg Party agenda and the interests of District 5 as a whole without exception.

A bit about the first point: nearly all the candidates acknowledged the existence of Climate Change and the role humanity has played in the crises (London Breed was the sole exception, although we’re willing to give her the benefit of the doubt as the way the question was posed was slightly confusing, although all seven of the other candidates understood it well enough). That being said, when asked to detail how they might work to find a solution to this global problem as a local Supervisor, too many of the candidates went straight to classic environmentalist tactics like solar panels. Don’t get us wrong, solar panels and other clean energy solutions are an important part of the ultimate answer. But what we need as a society, and the thing the Wigg Party is intently focused on creating, is the transformation of American culture, a transformation that is most effectively played out on a community-by-community basis. Julian Davis, Thea Selby, and Andrew Resignato each demonstrated strong support for this particular way of tackling our problems, thus clearing our first hurdle for endorsement.

A bit about the second point: Each of the candidates have at least fairly strong progressive roots and overall worldview – a necessary prerequisite in order to run for Supervisor in the most staunchly progressive District in the city. However, we are not so naive as to believe that the game of politics doesn’t change people. Hell, Ed Lee was a Tenants-Rights Lawyer and Activist before he became Mayor – now he can’t give sweetheart deals to his wealthy real estate and tech overlords fast enough.

The reality is that there are wealthy, powerful people in this city who have succesfully run this town for a number of years, and now they are intent on buying District 5 – the area of the city that is historically most strongly in opposition to the “Downtown” interests. There are two campaigns that have raised more than $100,000 in private financing and nobody else is close – Christina Olague and London Breed, and that money doesn’t come without expectations of political retribution.

Even if both these candidates end up showing incredible independence and integrity, the risk posed by electing either of these candidates into office is too great. San Francisco is at a true turning point: we are at risk of becoming a place where only people with very high incomes can afford to live here. Some even contend that we have already passed that event horizon. If we allow this to happen, it represents more than a few thousand people changing their phone number to the 510. If San Francisco continues on its current trajectory, if we let the wealthy elite continue to run this town, the very soul of our great city – the place where anyone is welcome to be whomever they want to be, the center for boundary pushing art and culture, the beacon of progressivism for America and the world over – will die. And at this time of great historical import for the planet as a whole, we cannot afford to let the vision that San Francisco has represented for the last 50+ years be pushed aside for the greedy whims of the 1%.

That’s why we hope you will join us in supporting Julian Davis as our number one choice for Supervisor of District 5. While we would be happy to have any of our three choices elected in office, we feel that Julian is not only the best person for the job, but he is the most likely candidate to beat the two candidates being put forth by the downtown political machine. Anyone who has met Julian or heard him in any of these forums knows that he is eminently qualified, incredibly articulate, possesses the big-picture vision that is pathetically absent from most political figures today, and can be thoroughly trusted to represent the interests of D5 and D5 alone. Julian has the sole endorsement of the People’s Mayor John Avalos in this D5 race, as well as a whole slew of progressive figures from San Francisco progressive politics both present and past. He is running a people powered campaign and he’s going to need all the people power he can get. But make no mistake about it – this race is wide open. People like Rose Pak, Willie Brown, and Ron Conway think they have this race all sewn up. They’ve got their cronies at the Chronicle planting stories suggesting it’s at most a two person race. Unfortunately they don’t even realize how out of touch they are. District 5 has never been about who can spend the most money. When most of the city was duped by Brian Wilson and MC Hammer into “Fearing the Mustache,” we voted overwhelmingly in favor of John Avalos.

This November 6th, let’s show all the downtown power brokers what we’re all about. Let’s remind Rose Pak that she does not and will never own the venerable District 5 of San Francisco. This fall, vote 1) Julian Davis 2) Thea Selby and 3) Andrew Resignato.

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  1. YES, Wigg Party for Julian! DAVIS, all the way for District 5. We need you in office. Graciassssssss

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