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Green is Dead, and We Have Killed It

May 20th, 2010

It has been interesting to watch the great juggernaut known as Consumer Capitalism gobble up and commodify the terms that have been used to define the movement working to change our lifestyles to something more in line with the jarring reality of living in a closed system with finite resources (surprise!).

First it was “Green.” We all had to Go Green. A cute term, and sensible. Plants are green. Plants are good, right? Let’s be like plants. Plus, it had the added bonus of lending itself to include other things that happened to share the same hue. Kermit the Frog is green. Money is green. The old dichotomy between the health of our economy and the health of our planet and selves was instantly overcome. Green is good.

nobody move

Well, Green was good. Unfortunately, we can’t live in 2006 forever. First green was derided for its singular focus; how did issues like social justice and health fit into green? Obviously, green was the last color you would associate with health, so the marketing gurus put their heads together and came up with the new color of the movement… wait for it… BLUE! Beautiful! Everyone loves blue! Water is blue. The sky is blue. 73.4% of grade schoolers list their favorite color as blue! But blue did not catch, probably for a lot of reasons not least of which because it’s impossible to define such a foundational, holistic, far-reaching transformation of worldview and action in such reductionistic terms as one freaking color. If they wanted to use color to define the movement, I don’t know why they didn’t just go with the rainbow… oh, right. Nevermind.


But it wasn’t being too narrow that killed green. No, the death of green began » Read more: Green is Dead, and We Have Killed It

Revolution One Meal at a Time

May 3rd, 2010

Some Wigg Partiers and I had the immense pleasure of attending an amazing event this past Sunday – the inaugural Apothocurious Sidewalk Brunch. Apothocurious is a company that was started by our friend and fellow Wiggler Rose Johnson. She calls her product Community Supported Spreads (CSS) – twice a month Rose and her intern Brianna make delicious batches of hummus, pesto, salsa and a salad which they deliver around the city. All the ingredients are sourced from local, sustainable sources when possible and you can be sure they are made with lots of love.

The Scene

Besides being a great cook, Rose is a dynamite networker and overall woman about town. By consistently being unafraid to meet new people, pass out sandwiches to strangers, and just generally being down for whatever, Rose has managed to develop one of the most interesting groups of friends and colleagues in the city. So it was easy to clear the calendar for a Sunday brunch under the beautiful Inner Richmond sunshine.

With a logo this cool, you know the food is good

The event was a great success, partly because of the food (which was of course delicious) but mostly because there’s a tangible buzz growing around the sustainability movement in general and local food in particular. It seems impossible to attend a Sidewalk Brunch or an Underground Farmers’ Market and not detect a certain prescience » Read more: Revolution One Meal at a Time

Intimations of a New Worldview

April 13th, 2010

Today I thought I’d share an interview I did a few months ago with my friends Matt Segall and Jon Doherty over at the HolonsNetwork. Matt and Jon have been conducting philosophical talks with luminaries from around the world using video chat made possible by the “internet.”

They asked me to be the first in-person interviewee in their series. We talked about the foundations of my worldview and how that worldview underscores the work I’ve been doing. (Worldview in a nutshell:

1. Cosmological Evolution;

2. Currently unknown telos of Cosmological Evolution;

Therefore: Create sustainable culture to allow our evolutionary elders (future generations) to answer questions we can’t (like what is the ultimate goal (telos) of the Universe?))

I hope you guys enjoy (both the talk and the extra leg being revealed by our shorts)!

Parts 2 and 3… » Read more: Intimations of a New Worldview

Our Opportunity

April 13th, 2010

We all know that we’re living at an unprecedented historical moment. The metaphysical powers that be have conspired to bring each of us into a world that demands that we completely transform our way of being from the materialist consumerism on which we have been reared to a way of being that allows a lot of human beings to exist without the complete destruction of the biosphere and other related phenomena. This isn’t exactly a small task, and some might think they’ve gotten the short-end of some proverbial stick.

For my part, I have often lamented the fact that I can’t in good conscience go about my day solely focused on the traditional challenges of adult life: finding a job that allows me to live comfortably, finding a lover and starting a family, enjoying carefree afternoons with friends, and keeping my cell phone charged. Indeed I do spend some time doing these things, but there is a constant gnaw in the back of my head that reminds me that I am not prepared, that I am not doing enough, that there isn’t much time to putz around. I know you feel it too. » Read more: Our Opportunity