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Summer of Sustainable Business: A Working Group Update

June 1st, 2010

The main work of the Wigg Party is divided among four Working Groups, which meet periodically to plan out the organization’s efforts surrounding local foods, transforming the Wiggle, re-skilling the community, and promoting sustainable business practices.  The Sustainable Business subcommittee met last week, and we have so much exciting stuff brewing, we thought it only made sense to give everyone a snapshot of what we’re working on, and hopefully you’ll take part in some of it as well:

Divis Art Walk!Wigg Party at the Divisadero Art Walk: this Thursday, June 3rd, 6PM until late

As the area represents a key section of the Wigg Party’s turf, it’s important that we rally up as a group to show our presence in the community and support the businesses along Divisadero.  And you know what that means: food, music, art, and wigs!  Come out and join us at the Wigg Party station near the Harding Theatre this Thursday evening for the fourth Divisadero Art Walk.  Check out the Art Walk’s blog for more info–see you there!

I Bike SF logoI Bike SF in June: Lower Divsadero/NOPA

The mayor’s office has instituted a new program to promote biking around the city.  The simple design of I Bike SF is that bikers receive discounts for shopping at participating stores in a particular neighborhood each month.  May’s neighborhood was Hayes Valley, and we’re psyched to report that the I Bike SF neighborhood for June is Lower Divisadero/NOPA!  To get your discount, ride to a participating business (they will post the I Bike SF logo near their entrances, or check out program’s official site for a full list), and present your helmet or bike lock.  Support these businesses–you’ll get a discount and prove how beneficial it can be for shops to show commitment to sustainable transport though biking.

CM LogoA Carrotmob of Our Own – This Fall

One major initiative for the Sustainable Business Committee over the next few months is to organize a Carrotmob of our very own.  The Wigg Party’s initial foray into Carrotmobbing at the Duboce Park Cafe in April showed us that the idea of rewarding businesses for pledging to become more socially responsible is a powerful thing, and we’re excited to leverage the social networks of the members of the Wigg Party to direct a ton of business to a local shop.  We’re looking at dates in the early fall, and businesses in the Lower Haight/Divisadero/NOPA area.  One question for our readers: we’re looking for model sustainable businesses (in particular, coffee shops) who are getting energy efficiency right.  It would be ideal if we could point to existing businesses for ideas on practices our next Carrotmob host should put into place with the earnings from the event.  If you can think of any examples or have a business in the wiggle area you’d like to be considered for the Wigg Party Carrotmob, let us know in the comments.

On Our Minds Going Forward

We find the local currency movement compelling as a way to encourage members of the community to spend their money… » Read more: Summer of Sustainable Business: A Working Group Update

Revolution One Meal at a Time

May 3rd, 2010

Some Wigg Partiers and I had the immense pleasure of attending an amazing event this past Sunday – the inaugural Apothocurious Sidewalk Brunch. Apothocurious is a company that was started by our friend and fellow Wiggler Rose Johnson. She calls her product Community Supported Spreads (CSS) – twice a month Rose and her intern Brianna make delicious batches of hummus, pesto, salsa and a salad which they deliver around the city. All the ingredients are sourced from local, sustainable sources when possible and you can be sure they are made with lots of love.

The Scene

Besides being a great cook, Rose is a dynamite networker and overall woman about town. By consistently being unafraid to meet new people, pass out sandwiches to strangers, and just generally being down for whatever, Rose has managed to develop one of the most interesting groups of friends and colleagues in the city. So it was easy to clear the calendar for a Sunday brunch under the beautiful Inner Richmond sunshine.

With a logo this cool, you know the food is good

The event was a great success, partly because of the food (which was of course delicious) but mostly because there’s a tangible buzz growing around the sustainability movement in general and local food in particular. It seems impossible to attend a Sidewalk Brunch or an Underground Farmers’ Market and not detect a certain prescience » Read more: Revolution One Meal at a Time

Carrotmob the Wiggle

April 28th, 2010

The Wigg Party was proud to participate in the latest San Francisco Carrotmob this past Sunday at Duboce Park Cafe. The event marked our first foray into public consciousness, and we can be sure more people know about us this week than last.

Carrotmob what!?!

While we had the date circled and had been working for weeks to plan and promote, things really got started Saturday night with a wig(g) making gathering followed by a late night chalk graffiti session on the Wiggle. It really was quite an experience to be out on the Wiggle at 2 am on a Saturday night – lots of smiles and good cheer from passersby on bikes and foot alike, and more than a couple people doing the Wobble. Sure enough we weren’t out there more than 30 minutes before the friends started piling up and it turned into an out-right Wigg Party Party.

I think this makes it official

We went to bed knowing that tomorrow’s Wigglers » Read more: Carrotmob the Wiggle