If you want to get an uncooperative donkey to move, the old adage says that you can coax it with a carrot. This philosophy is at the heart of Carrotmob, a San Francisco-based movement that’s reinventing the time-honored protest technique of the boycott. Carrotmob works like a boycott in reverse, providing incentive — the “carrots” — to businesses in exchange for reform.

- Win Rosenfeld, PBS

Watch Carrot Mobs: The Anti-Boycott on PBS. See more from Need To Know.

Wigg Bucks

Wigg Bucks is a proposed local currency for the Divisadero and Lower Haight business districts, with possible expansion into the Hayes Valley and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods.

This local currency will be created by placing stickers on $5 and $10 bills.  The stickers can be purchased for $1 per sticker or by volunteering time. The money raised from the selling of stickers will be donated to these participating community organizations: The Wigg Party, St. Cyprian’s, and Booker T. Washington School with Community Grows.

Participating businesses will offer specials deals for patrons using Wigg Bucks. The deals and offers can be creative (e.g., “1/2 off beverage with menu purchase over $10”) or simple (e.g., “10% off any item”).  These promotions will be publicized through a Facebook account and a Twitter feed, and all ongoing discounts will also be listed on the Wiggle Bucks website.

Benefits to Businesses:

No Hassle:

  • No need for new equipment- payments will be made in cash
  • Stickers only placed on $5 and $10 bills which businesses distribute as change to increase circulation
  • Use the same cash for your purchases from other local merchants

Increased Revenue

  • Creates deals and incentives for participants that increase the number of clients patronizing your business.
  • Increases the overall revenue for your business and others (e.g., the same $10 spent three times in the same neighborhood = $30 of wealth for three separate businesses)

Build Your Client Base

  • Local currency builds social capital and creates neighborhood buy-in, which increases customer loyalty and ensures a higher return rate.
  • The website URL on each sticker allows curious customers to learn about local deals and events

Free Advertising

  • Our community Facebook page, Twitter feed, and email list serve reach over 2,500 active users
  • Your business will be able to promote a new local deal for free
  • The website URL on each sticker lists all merchant discounts

Benefits to the Community:

A local currency programs helps the community and its members to

  • Support small- and mid-sized local businesses by increasing the speed that money moves into and throughout the neighborhood.
  • Reward loyal patrons and those investing in the community through donation of time and money
  • Increases the overall wealth of the neighborhood
  • Build social capital and a close-knit community by working cooperatively
  • Nurture more sustainable lifestyles.